You have arrived here with the desire to learn more about Hybrid Video. This page offers an overview of the features and benefits which makeup this innovative solution. While many answers can be found here, you may still have questions; we encourage you to contact us anytime.

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Hybrid Video

As the flagship service of Whatever Digital®, Hybrid Video is an engaging online presentation created from script to screen for our clients. Its unique look and feel comes from over a decade in video production, and its cutting edge delivery from an in-depth understanding of web technology. Combined with a production model focused on client collaboration and exceptional service, we strongly believe that Hybrid Video defines the gold standard for online educational video.


The end product is completely scalable and customized to your specific needs.


You retain full ownership over the final video. There are no user licenses, monthly fees, or access restrictions.


Hybrid Videos are completely dynamic and extremely cost efficient to keep updated with changing information. On average, annual costs for updating a video range between 5% to 15% of the initial investment.

IT Friendly

No special software is needed to watch or host a Hybrid Video. Your IT staff won't have to make any special considerations during the deployment process or go out of their way.


Enhanced ADA access options like closed captioning and ASL.

LMS Compliant

Hybrid Videos are LMS compatible through SCORM compliance and offer numerous ways of tracking visitor data.


Hybrid Videos are extremely versatile; the final video can be presented online as well as on DVD.

Technical Specs

Hybrid Videos use the Flash 9 player, work on both PC and Mac, and only use around 317Kbs per second.

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Indiana University

Indiana University wanted to push the capabilities of Hybrid Video. So Whatever Digital® rebuilt our production tools and workflow in order to accomplish IU's needs. The end result is a much more media rich video that can be produced 4 times faster than before.

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Purdue University

In the push to go online with their benefit materials, Purdue chose quality as their top priority. Through Hybrid Video's™ use of on-screen talent, informative animations, and professional design, Whatever Digital® exceeded Purdue's initial goals and raised the bar for online video quality.

About Whatever Digital

Whatever Digital® is a media technologies group based in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides development and consulting services for wide-ranging media solutions. As a pioneering force in the digital age, we are unwavering in our commitment to setting the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction. Our clients are diverse and progressive organizations who aspire to propel their media efforts to the next level of creative and technical excellence.